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Lee, M. (author), Lipfert, J. (author), Sanchez, H. (author), Wyman, C. (author), Dekker, N.H. (author)
Human RAD51 is a key protein in the repair of DNA by homologous recombination. Its assembly onto DNA, which induces changes in DNA structure, results in the formation of a nucleoprotein filament that forms the basis of strand exchange. Here, we determine the structural and mechanical properties of RAD51-dsDNA filaments. Our measurements use two...
journal article 2013
Holthausen, J.T. (author), Van Loenhout, M.T.J. (author), Sanchez, H. (author), Ristic, D. (author), Van Rossum-Fikkert, S.E. (author), Modesti, M. (author), Dekker, C. (author), Kanaar, R. (author), Wyman, C. (author)
Homologous recombination is essential for the preservation of genome stability, thereby preventing cancer. The recombination protein RAD51 drives DNA strand exchange, which requires the assembly, rearrangement and disassembly of a RAD51 filament on DNA, coupled to ATP binding and hydrolysis. This process is facilitated and controlled by...
journal article 2011