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Männik, J. (author), Wu, F. (author), Hol, F.J.H. (author), Bisicchia, P. (author), Sherratt, D.J. (author), Keymer, J.E. (author), Dekker, C. (author)
Cell division in typical rod-shaped bacteria such as Escherichia coli shows a remarkable plasticity in being able to adapt to a variety of irregular cell shapes. Here, we investigate the roles of the Min system and the nucleoid-occlusion factor SlmA in supporting this adaptation. We study “squeezed” E. coli in narrow nanofabricated channels...
journal article 2012
Männik, J. (author), Driessen, R. (author), Galajda, P. (author), Keymer, J.E. (author), Dekker, C. (author)
In many naturally occurring habitats, bacteria live in micrometer-size confined spaces. Although bacterial growth and motility in such constrictions is of great interest to fields as varied as soil microbiology, water purification, and biomedical research, quantitative studies of the effects of confinement on bacteria have been limited. Here, we...
journal article 2009