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van Weerdenburg, Roy (author)
Considering scenarios of sea level rise, the sediment budget of the Wadden Sea is of interest for both coastal safety and for the maintenance of values of this unique environment. Sand nourishments are foreseen on the ebb-tidal deltas of the Wadden Sea to increase the sediment budget, which requires us to predict the fate of the nourishment....
master thesis 2019
Van de Waal, R. (author)
The Dutch Western Wadden Sea, comprising the basins of Texel, Eierlandse Gat and Vlie, suffers a shortage of sediments. This implies that sediment is imported into the basins. The influence of the main forcing agents on the sediment transport is investigated. These forcing agents are the tide, waves and wind. In case of the wind forcing, both...
master thesis 2006