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Herinckx, L.E. (author), Gutleb, T.L.M. (author), Van Nunen, R. (author), Van Rompuy, E. (author), Bos, D.A. (author), Dijkers, H.P.A. (author), De Wit, J. (author), Radfar, H. (author), Sahin, S.E. (author), Beelarts van Blokland, W.W.A. (author)
Formation flying is introduced as a new and innovative air transportation system for long-haul commercial flight. With this paper the operational feasibility of formation flying is addressed, both from a market demand and economic, as well as an air traffic control perspective. Preliminary results of a case study indicate that operating a newly...
conference paper 2011
Bos, D.A. (author), Dijkers, H.P.A. (author), Gutleb, T.L.M. (author), Herinckx, L.E. (author), Van Nunen, R. (author), Radfar, H. (author), Van Rompuy, E. (author), Sahin, S.E. (author), De Wit, J. (author)
A first outline for the concept of formation flying is investigated. The objective is to create a sustainable air transportation system for the next generation of aircraft from a formation flying perspective. When flying in formation over long distances the trailing aircraft can benefit from the wake vortices created by the preceding aircraft....
bachelor thesis 2011