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Vente, M.A.D. (author), De Wit, T.C. (author), Van den Bosch, M.A.A.J. (author), Bult, W. (author), Seevinck, P.R. (author), Zonnenberg, B.A. (author), De Jong, H.W.A.M. (author), Krijger, G.C. (author), Bakker, C.J.G. (author), Van Het Schip, A.D. (author), Nijsen, J.F.W. (author)
journal article 2009
Vente, M.A.D. (author), Nijsen, J.F.W. (author), De Wit, T.C. (author), Seppenwoolde, J.H. (author), Krijger, G.C. (author), Seevinck, P.R. (author), Huisman, A. (author), Zonneneberg, B.A. (author), Van den Ingh, T.S.G.A.M. (author), Van het Schip, A.D. (author)
Purpose The aim of this study is to evaluate the toxicity of holmium-166 poly(l-lactic acid) microspheres administered into the hepatic artery in pigs. Methods Healthy pigs (20–30 kg) were injected into the hepatic artery with holmium-165-loaded microspheres (165HoMS; n?=?5) or with holmium-166-loaded microspheres (166HoMS; n?=?13). The...
journal article 2008