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Koleva, D.A. (author), De Wit, J.H.W. (author), Van Breugel, K. (author), Lodhi, Z.F. (author), Van Westing, E. (author)
The electrochemical behavior of steel reinforcement in conditions of corrosion and cathodic protection was studied, using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and compared to reference (noncorroding) conditions. Polarization resistance (PR) method and potentiodynamic polarization (PDP) were employed as well, in addition to ac 2 pin...
journal article 2007
Hu, J. (author), Koleva, D.A. (author), De Wit, J.H.W. (author), Kolev, H. (author), Van Breugel, K. (author)
This study presents the results on the investigation of the corrosion behavior of carbon steel in model alkaline medium in the presence of very low concentration of polymeric nanoaggregates [0.0024 wt % polyethylene oxide (PEO)113-b-PS70 micelles]. The steel electrodes were investigated in chloride free and chloride-containing cement extracts....
journal article 2011
Pargar, F. (author), Koleva, D.A. (author), Koenders, E.A.B. (author), Van Breugel, K. (author)
One of the reported problems associated with the performance of Ag/AgCl electrodes in alkaline environment, as concrete pore water, has been their poor stability. Open circuit potentials are typically observed to be stable for a time period of a few minutes to some days depending on the thickness and microstructure of the sparingly soluble AgCl...
conference paper 2014