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Boender, L.G.M. (author), Van Maris, A.J.A. (author), De Hulster, E.A.F. (author), Almering, M.J.H. (author), Van der Klei, I.J. (author), Veenhuis, M. (author), De Winde, J.H. (author), Pronk, J.T. (author), Daran-Lapujade, P.A.S. (author)
Extremely low specific growth rates (below 0.01 h?1) represent a largely unexplored area of microbial physiology. In this study, anaerobic, glucose-limited retentostats were used to analyse physiological and genome-wide transcriptional responses of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to cultivation at near-zero specific growth rates. While quiescence is...
journal article 2011
Boender, L.G.M. (author), De Hulster, E.A.F. (author), Van Maris, A.J.A. (author), Daran-Lapujade, P.A.S. (author), Pronk, J.T. (author)
Growth at near-zero specific growth rates is a largely unexplored area of yeast physiology. To investigate the physiology of Saccharomyces cerevisiae under these conditions, the effluent removal pipe of anaerobic, glucose-limited chemostat culture (dilution rate, 0.025 h–1) was fitted with a 0.22-µm-pore-size polypropylene filter unit. This...
journal article 2009