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Zhang, L. (author)
This master thesis investigates the response of buried pipelines under ground-induced deformations through the finite element simulations of a testing program undertaken at TU Delft Stevinlab II as part of the GIPIPE research project.
master thesis 2015
Zhu, S.E. (author), Ghatkesar, M.K. (author), Zhang, C. (author), Janssen, G.C.A.M. (author)
We present a pressure sensor based on the piezoresistive effect of graphene. The sensor is a 100?nm thick, 280??m wide square silicon nitride membrane with graphene meander patterns located on the maximum strain area. The multilayer, polycrystalline graphene was obtained by chemical vapor deposition. Strain in graphene was generated by applying...
journal article 2013
Hrauda, N. (author), Zhang, J.J. (author), Stangl, J. (author), Rehman-Khan, A. (author), Bauer, G. (author), Stoffel, M. (author), Schmidt, O.G. (author), Jovanovich, V. (author), Nanver, L.K. (author)
In this work self-organized SiGe islands are used as stressors for Si capping layers, which later act as carrier channels in field effect transistors. To be able to address individual islands and to obtain a sufficiently narrow distribution of their properties, the SiGe islands are grown by molecular beam epitaxy on prepatterned Si substrates,...
journal article 2009