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Van Baaren, P. (author), Bonte, P. (author), Boon, M. (author), Bougdanou, M. (author), Burg, L. (author), Cui, H. (author), Damsma, T. (author), Van Eekelen, E. (author), Van Geer, P. (author), Gu, D. (author), Laksalanamai, J. (author), Van Oeveren, C. (author), Oosthoek, J. (author), Pool, A. (author), Schmedding, J. (author), Schoenmakers, N. (author), Van Steeg, P. (author), Sveinbjörnson, P. (author)
This is the final report of the project 'Fieldwork Coastal Engineering', part of the Master studies Hydraulic Engineering of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). It has been made by students of the TU Delft, in cooperation with students from the University of Architecture in Sophia. The fieldwork took place in Byala, Bulgaria, between 5th...
student report 2006