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Kostense, Bastijn (author), Hageman, Rico (author), van der Wilk, Hilco (author), van Walraven, Bram (author)
For the past 10 weeks, we have been tasked with improving the performance of the transaction monitoring system of bunq, an internationally active mobile bank. bunq has requested that we improve this system by automating the training of the machine learning model, providing better input data for this model and creating additional machine learning...
bachelor thesis 2019
Harting, Tom (author), Popping, Sven (author), Post, Mathieu (author), Swaab, Daniƫl (author)
Being a bank, bunq deals with transaction fraud on a regular basis. All transactions that are handled by bunq are monitored for these cases of fraud by a transaction monitoring system. When this system flags a transaction as being possibly fraudulent, a bunq employee has to manually check this transaction. The problem with the current system is...
bachelor thesis 2017