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Carzana, Livio (author)
When sunlight illuminates a body, a tiny pressure is exerted upon its surface due to the photons impacting on it. Such a principle forms the basis of solar sailing, in which the solar radiation pressure is used to accelerate highly reflective lightweight structures called solar sails. Similarly, a laser-enhanced solar sail is a solar sail in...
master thesis 2017
den Hartog, Daniel (author)
Self-driving vehicles are the future of automotive engineering. Systems that take over control from the driver are developed to be able to interact with the conditions of the road and other obstacles. To develop these systems, developers use vehicle models to simulate the behaviour of the moving vehicle. The systems developed using these models...
master thesis 2018
van Dijk, Mick (author)
Global medical use of azole antifungals and echinocandins has led to an enormous increase in resistant <i>Candida</i> species, that are most commonly associated with fungal infections. A possible mechanism causing resistance are single or simultaneous point mutations in the genes responsible for encoding antifungal target enzymes. The aim of...
master thesis 2019