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Breurkes, Arthur (author), Kerkhof, Maikel (author), Jongerius, Ricardo (author), Westerborg, Ties (author)
Real-time processing of log data can give valuable insights in the behaviour of systems and processes. The Rabobank is a large bank and has several of these systems and processes, one of such is the QR device registration process. In order to monitor this process, an application was built which detects abnormal behaviour. The application reads...
bachelor thesis 2019
Kerkhof, Jorden (author), de Jong, Sam (author)
HedoN is a high-tech electronic development and production company that tasked a group of six TU Delft Electrical Engineering bachelor students to design a simulation system for hydraulic plants. This simulation system consist out of a central Hydraulic Simulation Unit (HSU) that runs a hydraulics simulation and controls various electrical...
bachelor thesis 2017