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Roebroeks, J. (author)
Merging interior and exterior laser scanning point clouds of the historical windmill, completing the missing parts from airborne laser scanning data and trying different mesh generation methods for full 3D windmill model generation in order to be able to perform virtual visits in the future.
bachelor thesis 2015
Van Dijk, N.N. (author)
The Dutch subsoil contains a lot of archaeological remains that need to be preserved for future generations. Until now, it is not possible to predict if these remains will stay intact under the pressure of a manmade structure like an embankment. The goal of this research is to investigate the behaviour of assemblies of artificial archaeological...
bachelor thesis 2014
Lietaert, B.K.J. (author)
The aim of this research project is to develop a hazard map for punch-through failure during jack-up rig installation in the Gulf of Suez. This map can be used to make an upfront assessment of unfavorable foundation conditions at a proposed installation site. This is not self-evident due to the complex geological setting of the area. Data to...
master thesis 2011