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Bender, D.W.B. (author)
Modern industrial plants contain enormous numbers of sensors which, in turn, generate enormous amounts of process and diagnostic variable measurements. All this generated data is stored in a Data Historian database and then left untouched. This report evaluates whether there is useful information amongst this unused data, and if so, how this...
master thesis 2016
Raats, J.M. (author), Van der Zwan, L.F. (author)
The Investment Department of ING asked us to build a model that predicts customer loyalty using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system and a dashboard that would show the results of the model. With this model and dashboard ING may be able to get an insight into which groups of customers are at risk to complain.
bachelor thesis 2015
Spadaro, A. (author)
Rapidly evolving IT infrastructures bring beneficial effects to society and promote information sharing and use. However, vulnerabilities create opportunities for hostile users to perform malicious activities and IT security has gradually turned into a critical research area for organizations and governments. Processes of decision making in...
master thesis 2013