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Laane, F.J.J. (author)
master thesis 2012
Peeters, A.L. (author)
This research and design graduation project revolves around two topics: sustainable meat consumption and the impact design can have on attitude-behavior consistency. The project is a collaboration between Wageningen UR Livestock Research (WUR) and Delft University of Technology. WUR is currently seeking solutions to increase the sustainability...
master thesis 2014
Veenboer, D.P. (author)
Agrolab India focuses on the design of a small-scale aquaponic farming system targeted at urban dwellers in India. Aquaponics is the combined culture of fish and plants in a recirculating, symbiotic system. The term aquaponics derives from the words aquaculture (the raising of aquatic animals for food) and hydroponics (the process of growing...
master thesis 2015