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van Gaalen, R. (author), Zhang, I. (author)
Augmented Reality equipment is currently growing and showing a lot of promise. However, the equipment suffers from a few aspects: lag, range of vision and price. In this report an Augmented Reality system will be made by connecting two cameras through an FPGA to the VR system to cover all aspects that Augmented Reality suffers from. While the...
bachelor thesis 2016
Barak, R.K. (author), Van Der Cammen, M. (author), Zhang, H.M. (author)
This thesis proposes an algorithm to solve the issue of indoor localization using a source, reference receiver and mobile receiver placed in a convex room. The goal is determination of the position of the mobile receiver. The proposed algorithm consists of two localization techniques known from scientific literature: Time Difference of Arrival...
bachelor thesis 2013