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de Beer, Michael (author)
To listen and to make a noise, as sonic acts, formed the premise of the project. Continuing a lineage of inquiry of human conduct that is underpinned by the notion that humans engage in purposeful behaviour; the sonic act in the field of architecture questions how people behave sonically in their environments. The importance of this spatial...
master thesis 2018
Asawla, Dev (author), Zhang, Nan (author), Gelibter, Max (author), de Beer, Michael (author), Siemerink, Michelle (author), Meredith, Bronya (author), Vlachaki, Evgenia (author), Schramkó, Sába (author), Li, Jiayu (author), Zhang, Zhi (author), del Conte, Livia (author), Söylev, Yagiz (author), Cristofoletti, Veronica (author), de Veth, Koen (author)
Positions in Practice : Constructing the Commons in the Latin American Metropolis, Graduation Studio (Msc 3 | Msc 4), Valparaíso, Chile, Fall 2017 - Spring 2018.<br/>The MSc3/MSc4 Graduation Studio “Positions in Practice” of the Department of Architecture TU Delft (fall, 2017) focused on the urban and architectural context of Valparaíso, as a...
student report 2018
de Beer, Anne (author)
Wave runup is generated by energy which remains after wave breaking and travels farther to the coast in the form of a bore. It can be seen as a thin wedge of water running up the beach face (Brocchini and Baldock, 2008). Under storm conditions runup is responsible for beach and dune erosion and accurate runup predictions are therefore required ...
master thesis 2017