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Meijs, M.C. (author)
Between the Veluwe and the river the Rijn in the west of Arnhem is the KEMA terrein located in a park designed in beautiful english landscape architecture. The laboratories of KEMA (Keuringsdienst Elektrische Materialen Arnhem), designed in the thirties and realised in the Haagse School Stijl, are vacant these days. Our assignment was to choose...
master thesis 2013
Krommyda, K. (author)
The current assignment constitutes a concentrating documentation of the research, analysis and re-design implemented within the R-MIT Graduation Studio [Research on Restoration, Modification, Intervention and Transformation] at the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, during the academic period of 2013-2014. The specific theme of the current studio...
master thesis 2014