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Hoogervorst, J.E.K. (author)
At present, on the aviation market a need exists for lighter and more efficient aircraft than the ones dominating the airspace today. Beside the reduction in operating costs and air pollutants of these new generation aircraft, this reduction in fuel use can result in several advantages with respect to the performance of the aircraft like...
master thesis 2016
Van Der Wurff, S. (author)
This work focuses on a multidisciplinary design optimization of an aircraft wing. Among others, a structural optimization of the wing stiffness is performed. For a certain stiffness model, a set of relevant load cases can be determined that have high chance to cause active constraints. The purpose of this research is to investigate if the set of...
master thesis 2015
Mariens, J. (author)
Multidisciplinary design optimizations have shown great benefits for aerospace applications in the past. Especially in the last decades with the advent of high speed computing. Still computational time limits the desire for models with high level of fidelity cannot be always fulfilled. As a conse- quence, fidelity is often sacrificed in order to...
master thesis 2012