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Kosters, Anna (author)
Like many rivers around the world, the Loire river in France has a history of human interventions in order to facilitate navigation and port development. Next to affecting bed levels directly, the heavy modification of the river-estuary has induced significant changes in the hydrodynamic and morphodynamic behaviour of the Loire. As a result, the...
master thesis 2019
Ambagts, Lindert (author), Jansen, Wiljan (author), de Jong, Nena (author), Kosters, Anna (author), Oerlemans, Cees (author), Slockers, Anouk (author)
The city of Barranquilla can play an important role in the establishment in a multi-modal network. Currently however, issues with navigable depth in the river mouth (Bocas de Ceniza) make it difficult for the larger vessels to enter the port area. Resolving these issues will increase the navigability of the Magdalena river which in turn will...
student report 2018