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Zijm, Peter (author)
Heatpipes are promising devices for geothermal energy extraction owing to their
effectiveness to transport heat. The goal of this research is to validate an analytical heatpipe model with experiments and to investigate the difficulties in designing and constructing geothermal heatpipes. There is a lack of literature and research concerning...
master thesis 2019
Boersma, J.Y. (author)
For conceptual aircraft design to include accurate laminar flow prediction, a link between modern computational tools to determine laminar-to-turbulent boundary layer transition and fast sizing methods is required. For swept wings, it is crucial to include the highly unstable three-dimensional crossflow component of the boundary layer. These...
master thesis 2016
Nijhuis, P.J. (author)
How could urban areas provide public charging infrastructure for the rapidly increasing number of electric vehicles? The objective of this research is to develop a tool that helps municipalities and market players to understand the need for public charging infrastructure, and to design an efficient solution for charging large numbers of electric...
master thesis 2015