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Tezcan, Petek (author)
Flying comes with many responsibilities for both the airport and the passenger. One of the responsibilities for the passenger is to be on time at the airport. In case of delays or disruptions, passengers are required to be provided with alternatives to be able to catch their flight on time. The airport is responsible for offering the best...
master thesis 2019
Van Heeswijk, M.M.A. (author)
The core business of an airport is its air-side activities but it could not function without fluent, multi-modal and resilient land-side connectivity with its surroundings. The AirportCity is located in a dense urban area and therefore also the most important land-side transport interchange of the Netherlands. Due to the growth of air travellers...
master thesis 2017
Blekxtoon, F.J. (author)
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AAS) is the fifth largest airport in Europe. For all passengers departing from AAS, part of their journey takes place in the Schiphol departure hall. The assignment for this graduation project is the design of a new concept for Schiphol Departures 1 for 2020, based on the passenger‘s experience, leading to a higher...
master thesis 2010