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Cleintuar, Nick (author), van der Krieken, Justin (author), Mahabier, Jamy (author)
Grading can be a very time-consuming activity for teachers. For this reason, numerous tools exist to aid teachers in grading. One of these tools is Zesje, a web application that allows electronic grading of paper-based exams. A major drawback of Zesje was that teachers were required to create their exams with LaTeX, a popular document...
bachelor thesis 2018
Rodriguez Luna, Rogelio (author)
Solar cells are showing significant promise to become the solution for the growing energy needs of our world. However for this to happen, new disruptive technologies with high efficiency and low cost are needed in the market. One possibility comes from multijunction thin film solar cells based on a-Si alloys and nc-Si. For this purpose a–SiO master thesis 2017
Samudero, M.P. (author)
Construction of breakwaters is performed consecutively from core layer, filter layer, up to the armour layer. During construction, excessive damage is often encountered on core layers due to environmental conditions. The damage behaviour of core layers is similar to berm breakwater structures, where the initial profile is reshaped into a more...
master thesis 2010