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Fani, Kees (author), Hoogland, Pavel (author), Borba da Silva Falcão Ferreira, Manuel (author)
During the project the team aimed to make a decentralized web based game on the blockchain, that is fun to play and is indistinguishable from traditional centralized games. To accomplish this it was chosen to create the game on the EOS blockchain platform. The EOS blockchain platform features great improvements upon older more popular platforms...
bachelor thesis 2018
Kok, Wim (author), Hoogland, Andy (author)
Problem Definition
This bachelor final project was an assignment given by the start up Momo Medical named: "Improving health care with technology". This project was to use their existing technology and ideas to create a system to prevent pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcer are the medical condition that happens when a patient is left too long in...
bachelor thesis 2017
Starmans, R. (author), Hoogland, M. (author)
bachelor thesis 2016