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Van Schooten, S. (author), De Groot, E. (author)
While software is becoming increasingly important in our world, software development is also advancing with an increasing pace. One of the reasons is the increase in available information, which triggered the birth of a new programming paradigm: Model Driven Development (henceforth MDD). Though this can shorten the development time and make it...
bachelor thesis 2015
Van Schooten, S. (author), Harel, R. (author), Ercan, S. (author), De Groot, E. (author)
In neuroscience, the ability to correlate and classify certain activity patterns of the brain to different physical and mental states of the subject is of high importance. Analysis of fMRI data is one of the venues in which this objective is being pursued. However data produced using fMRI technology is highly complex. To this end, machine...
student report 2014