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Schoenmaker, Lars (author)
In this thesis diffuser performance will be simulated with computational fluid dynamics, which will be done with the program Ansys Fluent. The expanding geometry creates an adverse pressure gradient and under certain conditions there will also be separation.

At first a relative simple simulation will be done of a one-directional...
master thesis 2017
Boersma, J.Y. (author)
For conceptual aircraft design to include accurate laminar flow prediction, a link between modern computational tools to determine laminar-to-turbulent boundary layer transition and fast sizing methods is required. For swept wings, it is crucial to include the highly unstable three-dimensional crossflow component of the boundary layer. These...
master thesis 2016
Van Twillert, M.J. (author)
This report describes two methods to analyse the effect of sloshing on ship motions. The first method applies linear potential theory on both the barge and the internal tanks. For the barge the radiation, diffraction and incoming wave potentials are solved. For the internal tanks only the radiation potential is calculated, as there are obviously...
master thesis 2015