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Hendriks, M. (author)
Renewable energy sources, like wind- and solar power, are expected to generate a greater part of the electricity production in the Netherlands each upcoming year. Besides all the advantages, the energy supply of these renewable energy sources fluctuates heavily as they mainly depend on the amount of wind and sun. Therefore, the electricity...
master thesis 2016
Sillem, E. (author)
In de newly developed science park, just south of the TU Delft campus, a Science Business Centre be designed. The buildings main aim is to provoke synergy between the TU Delft and the science park "Technopolis". The design consists of a building which is largly integrated in the Mekelpark to enhance the relation with nature and to make a...
master thesis 2011
De Mooij, J.W.C. (author)
At the moment global climate change is one of the most prominent environmental and energy issues of our life time. Currently CO2 levels in the atmosphere stand at 387 ppm, almost 40% higher since the start of the industrial revolution and the highest for at least the last 650,000 years. About 96% of these carbon emissions are the result of using...
master thesis 2010