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Arnold, E. (author), Bonnes, J. (author), Breugem, A. (author), Cuypers, K. (author), Eijnthoven, E. (author), Van Haaren, D. (author), Kemerink, J. (author), Van der Mark, R. (author), De Vries, G. (author), De Wit, S. (author)
This report was written for the subject "Fieldwork Coastal Engineering". This subject was held for the first time in October 2002. The exercise was carried out in the Bulgarian city Varna and its surroundings out from October 6 to October 14. This report has the following structure. First, there is a journal in which the activities we undertook...
student report 2002
De Vries, S. (author)
This paper is written for the TIDO-course AR0532 Smart & Bioclimatic Design Theory. This paper is a reflection on the way how to minimize the environmental impact of building materials. Both the aspects to be taken into account are discussed and a method of selecting materials are presented. This method is applied to a design situation.
student report 2011
De Vries, P. (author), Brouwer, M. (author), Bresser, G. (author), Lavies, H. (author), Moen, J. (author)
The objective of the project is to ‘develop a financially- and technically feasible development strategy for the Port of Walvis Bay, taking account of the uncertainties of future events’. As there is a high degree of uncertainty in the future demands for services, the attention is focussed on designing a development strategy that maximizes the...
student report 2012