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Caspers, L.L.S. (author)
The project tries to anticipate on the gentrification issues in the case of Neukölln in Berlin. How to stimulate/maintain accessibility for a diversity of social groups in a central gentrifying area [in the case of Neukölln, Berlin] ? This is the main research question of the thesis. This resulted in a project that consists of a strategy for...
master thesis 2015
Smit, C.J. (author)
This graduation project focuses on improving the public space and pedestrian connections between the different neighbourhoods surrounding the station area of the Hague Moerwijk. In the present situation the station area of the Hague Moerwijk is not well accessible or visible from its surroundings and the existing qualities of the area are...
master thesis 2013
Lam, H.M. (author)
Within Dutch cities the railway area has become a prominent area. It has become an intermediate area between the historical city centre and the expansion neighbourhoods. Even though the railway station has a strong position within the city, the large railway body generally creates a spatial, physical and social barrier between differen parts of...
master thesis 2011