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de Boer, Jelmer (author), de Bree, Emilie (author), Remeijsen, Pascal (author), Verzijl, Matthijs (author)
A large problem that primary schools face is that the ratio of pupils to teachers is too high, the class sizes are too large and this makes it difficult for a single teacher to have a good oversight of how the development of a given child is going. The aim of Interactive Robotics is to tackle this problem by bringing robots into the classroom to...
bachelor thesis 2017
Van Wieringen, W. (author)
Hello, I’m Pelie. I’m your peer and could use some help in gardening. Each season seeds have to be sowed, water will have to be given to plants and fruit will have to be harvested. Would you like to help me? This question is being asked to children of group 1 and 2 of primary school when playing the Pelies Garden game on TagTiles. TagTiles is an...
master thesis 2010