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Bel, Mirjam (author)
According to literature, the benefits of BIM can be well found in complex projects such as healthcare. When well implemented, the use of BIM as a tool for communication and collaboration can lead to a higher design quality and quality of the realized building, as well as increased efficiency and costs savings. <br/>BIM can be used for integrated...
master thesis 2018
Albers, J. (author)
This research has been done to explore the influence of cross-nationality preference in communication and knowledge-transfer on the emergence of collaborations in an academic research network. Hofstede’s cultural dimensions’ Individualism, Long-term orientation and Uncertainty Avoidance are proposed to affect collaboration through participants’...
master thesis 2013
Wesselman, D.N. (author)
This integrated master thesis presents the outcomes of a research conducted to obtain a double master degree of the masters Strategic Product Design and Science Communication. The research focusses on the communication and collaboration between the engineering and a remote production department in during the ship production phase. A...
master thesis 2017