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Verbeek, Bram (author), Helmer, Joyce (author), Binsma, Jouke (author), Onnink, Casper (author)
Storm safety and durability of touristic destinations is of utmost importance in Cuba, considering high stakes regarding life and capital invested in the development of the touristic sector. This twomonth research focuses on one of the largest Caribbean beach tourism hotspots found in Varadero, Cuba.

Tourism along the Hicacos peninsula...
student report 2018
Peters, Jochem (author)
The coastal waters of Nigeria are a difficult environment to build structures to control the local morphology and hydrodynamic conditions to ones desire. This difficulty is a consequence of the persistent high-energy swell wave climate and Longshore Sediment Transport (LST) in the order of one million cubic metres per
year. Besides these...
master thesis 2018