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Van den Berg, M.E. (author)
This graduation project contains a masterplan for the urban plot Gershwin, Amsterdam Zuidas, in answer to the economic problems of today that cause a lot of wasteland. To give the area a boost, I introduce hybrid buildings that include urban dwellings. Within a block of 140m x 40m I designed 85 dwellings, commercial units, offices and a parking...
master thesis 2013
Hernandez Williamson, G. (author)
What is feeling at home in the city? how can architecture help intensify the relation between the dweller and his surrounding environment in such a way that the limits between inside and outside are blurred? the goal of this project was to understand through research what are the architectural elements that create the relation inside-outside,...
master thesis 2012
Visco, F. (author)
This is an infill/parasite housing project. The site is the corner in a typical urban block of the city of Berlin. The urban position of the project was based on the idea that "A city must be read as a carpet of fragments, as a continuum sequence of SPATIAL and PROGRAMMATIC PATTERNS." My design proposal is for a new fragment of the patchwork...
master thesis 2011