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Franx, Laura (author)
The Netherlands faces climate change due to global warming and earthquakes due to gas production. To decrease both earthquakes and CO2 production, the government aims to half the gas production in the coming four years and aims for an entire stop by 2030. Over 80% of Dutch houses are heated with gas; 20% were built in the late post-war era (1960...
master thesis 2018
Mori, Sofia (author)
The practice of almost any sport requires friendly and comfortable environmental conditions, cool temperatures and medium humidity levels, as well as satisfactory lighting and ventilation performance (Torsing et al., 2016). The complex challenge of designing sport infrastructure is likely to become even bigger in the expected future warmer...
master thesis 2019
YalvaƧ, Fikri (author)
This was a project based seminar to explore the aesthetic potentials of sustainability in architecture. Sustainability is a very broad notion and can vary depending on the context and local environmental condition. Aesthetics is quite subjective and usually a personal matter. The seminar was an exercise to explore and research how to integrate...
student report 2018