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de Melo Morais Borges, Manuella (author)
Despite the fact that pop-up and temporary architecture is slowly evolving, there is much room<br/>for improvement. While the focus is in the function it serves, it very commonly lacks in the aesthetic<br/>aspect and the quality of the space, being perceived by many as cheap, fast and disposable. Similarly, in the technical aspect, it lacks the...
master thesis 2017
Loer, F. (author)
The lobby of the Metropole, a habitable bridge in Rotterdam In our mobilized epoch considered as the network era, hubs are crucial devices for the orchestration of our cities. Road and building mediate in the quality of our cityscapes like the Randstad in which we live as continuous commuters. The habitable bridge is used as the ultimate...
master thesis 2013
Slob, C. (author), Mohammadi, S. (author)
Our society and economy are constantly changing. In spite of this the demands and wishes of users also changes. Most of the current building stock is developed as mono-functional buildings to fulfil the demand at a particular moment. They are not designed for the lifespan in which they are functional. Because of their shortcomings in...
master thesis 2010