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Smyrnis, A. (author)
Block mattresses or block mats are, nowadays, very commonly applied as protection in a large range of applications either against flow or wave loads. Specifically, this large range of applications contains offshore pipeline protection and stabilization, erosion and scour protection, protection of embankments and river banks (slope protection)....
master thesis 2017
de Ruijter, R. (author)
Downstream of man-made hydraulic structures, bed protections made of granular material are often used to prevent erosion of the bottom. The stones in the top layer of such granular filters must be able to withstand the hydraulic forces. Probably the best-known formula that is used to determine the stability of granular bed material is the design...
master thesis 2004
Zuurveld, J. (author)
Experimental research on the stability of bed material behind a backward facing step. Measured is the stability as a function of the local velocity and the local turbulence (turbulence intensity) due to the eddy formation.
master thesis 1998