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Meng, Yitang (author)
In 2050, the human population will exceed nine billion. There are limits to the capacity of the earth, while the human population keeps on growing. Our appetite for raw materials is increasing rapidly, while available resources keep on falling. As an international metropolitan city, Amsterdam will also experience a population explosion and urban...
master thesis 2018
Moonen, Hanna (author)
The construction industry is a large generator of waste. The interest in improving the resource efficiency is growing. A move towards a Circular Economy (CE) has been assigned as the solution for a more efficient use of resources in the construction industry. The aim of a circular economy is to create a system in which waste and energy leakage...
master thesis 2017
Cornet, Mauric (author)
In the first part of this Architectural master thesis the Circular Economy is studied and results are Applied to the Amstel III district in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In this study the Circular Strategies of Europe, the Netherlands and Amsterdam are distilled into 5 main drivers. The main driver this thesis focusses on is “Design for...
master thesis 2019