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Teeuwen, Max (author)
The Netherlands has always been in close proximity to water, whether its rivers or the sea. This proximity to water and the need for land to settle and farm, led to vast amounts of land reclamation by constructing dykes along the water features to prevent flooding of the new earned land. This newly reclaimed land started to subside over the...
master thesis 2019
Kranenburg, M.C. (author)
The application of prefabricated and usually prestressed concrete elements has increased since mid-20th century. These elements are at the point of reaching the end of their life span, are subjected to damages or a change in functionality. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate their structural safety. In many cases, existing structures do not...
master thesis 2014
Sirumbal Zapata, L.F. (author)
The research work studies the fundamentals of the Hybrid Frequency-Time Domain (HFTD) method for dynamic analysis of structures, applied to the seismic analysis of dam-reservoir interaction systems. The theoretical consistency and accuracy of the HFTD method, based on the frequency domain Fourier analysis, is demonstrated through all the parts...
master thesis 2013