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Himmit, Imane (author)
This research and design is about "Het Gemeenschap Gezondheidshuis; Samen Leven". A research about the change of healthcare nowadays; where people want to stay at home longer and have care at home. But also where the needs of a patient are more central. The main question is: what elements of architecture contributes to a healthier environment,...
master thesis 2019
Chung, K.H. (author)
master thesis 2015
Van Niekerk, B.N.J. (author)
Design task While 20 years ago rehabilitation centers were protected environments that secluded patients from society, recently the focus has shifted towards integration of patients in public life. The assignment for the design of the rehabilitation center fits in with this development, as the location for the project is in between the Overtoom,...
master thesis 2014