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Verdegaal, I. (author)
The permeability of a breakwater is of great importance for the stability of the armour layer. The influence of the structural permeability on the stability of rock armour units was already researched by Van der Meer using the 'notional' permeabiltiy. However, for single layer interlocking armour units the influence core permeability is rather...
master thesis 2013
Papadopoulos, D. (author)
The aim of this study is the particularisation of the accuracy margins for the determination of the damage level in the experimental plan proposed by Remon Kik at his thesis for the study of Notional Permeability of breakwaters “The experimental research of the permeability factor P”. The evaluation of the proposed technique took place by means...
student report 2012
Afridi, Z.N. (author)
The purpose of this report is to investigate the differences in overtopping characteristics over the crest of a rubble mound breakwater when the crest is made either impermeable or permeable. Among numerous characteristics that are effected by a modification in the permeability of the crest, this report looks specifically into three separate...
student report 2010