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Van Kersbergen, D.J. (author)
The main aim of the research is to passively use the on-site energy to create passive climate comfort. Usually this these passive strategies are not integrated into the design process but added to the building design later on when the building design is already finalized. The main topic of this building technology research is to integrate...
master thesis 2011
Druzdzel, P. (author)
Since the problem of global warming has been broadly considered as vital and due to constantly rising oil prices, further fossil fuels exploitation requires diametrical changes immediately. The demand for environmentally friendly improvements does not only entail searching for new resources but also utilizing those which are available and more...
master thesis 2017
Muris, V.L.C. (author)
Industrial buildings, used as warehouses or distribution centres, are characterized by large doors which are opened temporarily or for longer periods. A new technique - called Ambergy - is investigated which prevents unnecessary energy loss through open overhead doors in heated industrial halls. This technique consists of a smart coupling...
master thesis 2013