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Janssen, R.F. (author)
The influence of laminar-turbulent transition on a propeller blade’s performance has been investigated in this study, both numerically and experimentally. The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is performed using the TAU code developed by the German Aerospace Center, as well as an existing propeller lifting-line code. The laminar-turbulent...
master thesis 2015
Schoenmaker, Lars (author)
In this thesis diffuser performance will be simulated with computational fluid dynamics, which will be done with the program Ansys Fluent. The expanding geometry creates an adverse pressure gradient and under certain conditions there will also be separation.<br/><br/>At first a relative simple simulation will be done of a one-directional...
master thesis 2017
Kerkvliet, M. (author)
In this thesis a numerical investigation was performed to increase our understanding of a low Reynolds number transition behind a zigzag trip. This was done with the use of Direct Numerically Simulation (DNS). This means that the Navier-Stokes equations are solved numerically without any use of a turbulence model. The DNS solver of the CFD...
master thesis 2011