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Huijsman, Robbert (author)
Interest in phylogenetic trees for histories of species and DNA has spawned many problems, one of which is TreeContainment; a problem that asks whether a tree is contained within a network. The TreeContainment problem is proven to be NP-hard for general trees and networks, however it is solvable in polynomial time for networks that meet the tree...
bachelor thesis 2019
Chawla, Hemang (author)
The development of domestic mobile manipulators for unconstrained environments has driven significant research recently. Robot Care Systems has been pioneering in developing a prototype of a mobile manipulator for elderly care. It has a 6 degrees of freedom robotic arm mounted on their flagship robot LEA, a non-holonomic differential drive...
master thesis 2017
den Hartog, Daniel (author)
Self-driving vehicles are the future of automotive engineering. Systems that take over control from the driver are developed to be able to interact with the conditions of the road and other obstacles. To develop these systems, developers use vehicle models to simulate the behaviour of the moving vehicle. The systems developed using these models...
master thesis 2018