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Gudmundsson, Kjartan (author)
Tensegrity is a structural form that is defined as a set of rigid elements suspended in a net of continuous tension. This structure shows potential for compliance, impact tolerance and mechanical robustness. However, its non-linear coupled dynamics and often complex geometry require advanced control strategies. An actuator reference planning...
master thesis 2019
Chawla, Hemang (author)
The development of domestic mobile manipulators for unconstrained environments has driven significant research recently. Robot Care Systems has been pioneering in developing a prototype of a mobile manipulator for elderly care. It has a 6 degrees of freedom robotic arm mounted on their flagship robot LEA, a non-holonomic differential drive...
master thesis 2017
Anil Meera, Ajith (author)
Target search in an obstacle filled environment is a practically relevant challenge in robotics that has a huge impact in the society. The wide range of applications include searching for victims in a search and rescue operation, detecting weeds in precision agriculture, patrolling borders for military and navy, automated census of endangered...
master thesis 2018