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Rietveld, Jip (author), de Vries, Rolf (author), de Boer, Jaap (author), Hondelink, Dieuwer (author)
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has 5 runways, each of which can be used for take-off or landing of aeroplanes. The weather heavily influences which runway configuration air traffic control might pick. Airport Forecasting Service (AFOS) predicts which configuration of runways works most efficiently given a set of expected weather conditions and the...
bachelor thesis 2019
De Blok, S. (author)
Airports in The Netherlands are subjected to tangent environmental laws to restrain pollution and noise nuisance. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AAS) is one airport dealing with this regulatory framework but nevertheless they are resolute to continue growth with respect to aircraft movements. To cope with the law related to aircraft noise, the...
master thesis 2015