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Arecco, P. (author), Van Leeuwen, Y. (author), Brouwer, M. (author), Miranda, C. (author), Curto, V. (author), Piccoli, C. (author), Dobochinski, J. (author), Van Steijn, P. (author), Friedman, J. (author), Weeda, T. (author), Fuentes, M. (author), Winde, E. (author), Groenenberg, X. (author), Wit, M. (author), Kolijn, D. (author), Tiseh, I. (author), Angelov, D. (author), Nacheva, D. (author), Marinov, K. (author), Petkov, S. (author)
One of these resort areas lies in the town of St. Konstantine I Elelna, where Hotel Sirius and hotel Azalea are built very close to the waterline. These hotels are dependent on their neighbouring beaches for the attraction of tourism and for the structural safety of their buildings. Therefore, they want an estimation of the erosion of the...
student report 2013