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Dijsselbloem, Stijn (author), van Adrichem, Wouter (author), Baas, Daniël (author), Bartczak, Konrad (author), Zeeuw van der Laan, chris (author)
According to themselves, Argentinians are living with their backs towards the sea. In order to turn this around, a feasability study has been done to find out how a network of marinas along the coast of the province would look like, based on a MCDA including all urban areas along the coast and a fleet analysis. A final network has been proposed...
student report 2019
Baas, V.J.N. (author)
Assignment - This report describes the design of solutions that enable KLM Cargo to add more value for its employees and customers using data generated by new technological opportunities. The scope for this report is on pharmaceutical shipments passing through KLM Cargo’s Schiphol hub, from acceptance to delivery, and focuses on addressing the...
master thesis 2016