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Lin, C.H. (author)
The yearly floods of the Mekong Delta caused by the Mekong River have been considered a blessing; it purifies the agricultural lands and deposits a fresh layer of silt on the surface, which keeps the delta fertile. However, the growing demand for agricultural products internationally and nationally has pushed the farmers to harvest all year long...
master thesis 2013
Bel, N. (author), Disco, M. (author), Kalf, P. (author), Kluwen, J. (author), Lin, C.H. (author), Van de Sande, S. (author)
Master project report. On behalf of, and in cooperation with the TU Delft and the MARD-CWRCT two dike designs are made for a pilot project on Cat Hai Island. Two different types of revetments are used, namely the Dutch block type revetment Basalton and the classic rip-rap revetment. The designs are based on the available boundary conditions, the...
student report 2010