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Simons, Rochelle (author)
An acute admission is a disruption from daily life and affects the child patient and his or her family. To reduce this disruption of daily life, the VKC is planning to build a Paediatric Acute Medical Unit (P-AMU) in the coming years. The VKC (Vrouw-Kind Centrum; Woman-Child Center) is the center of excellence in the field of all woman and child...
master thesis 2018
Van Geel, B. (author)
Globally about 1 billion people (mainly living in developing countries) cannot get the health services that they need. This is a result of the lack of access, lack of trained health personnel, inadequate resources and facilities, and products and services are not affordable to the majority of the people. The company Healthy Entrepreneurs (HE)...
master thesis 2015
Stone, R.C. (author)
A concept creating a bond between children visiting Apenheul and the primates they see. The Apelication is a mobile phone application that encourages children to take a closer look at primates and stimulates mirrored behavior, showing the similarities between visitor and primate. After the visit at Apenheul a personal memory book can be taken...
master thesis 2013