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Havinga, F.J. (author)
The present report contains a description of an experimental program, as a follow up of experiments by v.d. Kaaij and Nieuwjaar in 1986, and Nap and Van Kampen in 1987. As in the second study, in the present study a particle sand diameter of D50 = 100 mu was used, so that the experiments of Nap and Van Kampen will be referred as "the earlier 100...
master thesis 1992
Nap, E.N. (author), Van Kampen, H.F.A. (author)
Investigation to sediment transport rate in case of waves and currents, tests executed in the wave-current flume of the laboratory of Fluid mechanics of TU Delft. Sediment transport was measured using sand of 100 micron; comparison to similar tests with 200 micron sand.
master thesis 1988